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There is one word to describe the approach of unemployedprofessors.com – unique. Their website lacks professionalism and in its place includes cool sketches and entertaining, yet often inappropriate statements. Based on their homepage, this is the place that connects unemployed professors who didn’t care about their students and realized there was a way for them to use their education AND make money’.


You won’t be limited in terms of paper types you can choose. The list might not be full, but you are looking at a bidding writing service, so feel free to order whatever you want. When you do, the professors will bid on the order and you can choose.

Quality level, Plagiarism

Despite the fact that the website did not look at all appealing to us because of the inappropriate statements, we placed an order believing that if a professor handles it, it will be better than any other company. It wasn’t. In fact, it was extremely bad, so bad that we are somewhat sure they don’t just work with professors, or at least the professor we chose did not really possess the qualifications his profile showed.


Delivery went fine with us, but you should know that this isn’t really a place to get urgent papers. Not just because the bidding takes time, but because they actually say so:Not even Karl Marx on Crystal Meth could write a good forty-page dissertation chapter on the courting rituals of dolphins over the course of six hours.’

Pricing, Payments

The prices, once again, depend on the bids. You are the one choosing them and in our case, we chose a rate that was somewhere in the average compared to all bids and yet, too cheap to be a price given by an expert – professor.

Security, Trust and Reliability

Unemployedprofessors.com is secure and reliable in terms of payments and delivery, but not of quality.

Usability and Additional Features

As we said, the website might be interesting and unique to some, but it was very unprofessional to us. Even so, it includes all the information you will need, including a ‘How it works’ page. No blog, though.

Don’t look for additional features – there aren’t any. If you have any additional instructions, make sure to share them with the bidders when you order or when you communicate with the professor you choose.


Discounts are also not applicable here. It’s not weird or uncommon because the system does not allow for it. This is probably the biggest flaw of this system, not being able to get a reward or any discount if you are their regular customer. You can, however, agree on lower rates with the writer if you use one on regular basis.

Overall Experience


Unemployedprofessors.com Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

When we connected all dots and compared our experiences to those of others, we found that UnemployedProfessors.com is not as great as it sounds.

Looking for help from such grand experts might sound good, but our experience taught us that this might not be the true story behind the company.

Rated: 1.7

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  1. This essay service cost me my grade! They sold me a copied essay and simply embellished the introduction.

    I’m not surprised that it’s UNEMPLOYEDprofessors site!!

  2. On account of what you sent me, you should be sued for plagiarism honestly!!! Do you even have writers in unemployedprofessors.com?!

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