1.6/10 has an ideal website for you to learn everything from. They have nice samples to read, all the extras listed in a separate page, and all the information about the prices and services. This however, doesn’t suffice to make for a whole impression.


It might not be the biggest you’ll find, but it suffices to get you through all academic years. delivers a myriad of different paper types and helps even with services like presentation making and admission papers.

Quality level, Plagiarism

Sadly, the quality did not suffice for a high grade. It didn’t even get us to a point where we could give the benefit of the doubt. We paid 10% on top of the price to get a UK writer and yet, the paper wasn’t written by one. We can say this with certainty based on its quality level and the numerous errors that were unmistakably not made by a native.

Our assignment was bad in quality, but had no plagiarism.


The quality is the priority, but right next to it stands the delivery timeframe. When students select one deadline for their assignment, they expect that assignment to arrive before that deadline ends. Otherwise, they don’t need it after the deadline ends. This is something the company obviously hasn’t handled well because our assignment got to us a couple hours after the final hour we set as a deadline. This delay might not have been grave, but it would be for those who need to submit it right away.

Pricing, Payments

The pricing at is more than good, it is great. It isn’t too cheap but it also doesn’t reach that average to high level. It is perfectly cheap for a perfect content. Unfortunately, that’s the part that is missing.

To give you an idea of their prices, the lowest price is $12.99 for high school level and $21.99 for PhD level. Of course, these rates climb rapidly with the approaching deadlines and the page number.

Security, Trust and Reliability

During our order and after receiving it, we didn’t find anything that would show us that this is an insecure company.


We mentioned this before and it is probably the best part in our review – the website is very usable and user-friendly.

Additional Features

There’s a whole page that lists additional features and it is very helpful. In fact, this is the first place where we encounter such list. Some of the extra paid features include: urgent writer assigned, draft, proofreading by expert, top 10 writers, advanced and premium customer support, etc.


Yes, there are discounts but getting to the point where you are eligible for the lowest one is hard. You need to spend $399 to get 5%, and $799 for 15%. Newcomers don’t get discounts.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

The pricing of is somewhat ideal, but the quality cannot be further from it. And if this is not a reason enough to doubt them, they also missed our deadline. Despite the discounts and the very good website, this is not a company we recommend.

Rated: 1.5

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  1. You cannot claim to have a customer service on your “dont”- that runs 24 hours a day, when all we find is a recorded voice throughout!

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