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Time4writing Review

The name might suggest to you that this is a writing service, but it is not. Time4writing defines their services as ‘an online curriculum’. This is the place where you hire people to teach you to write by tracking your writing and providing feedback, not the place to get a person to write your paper. Let’s start our time4writing review from services overview.

Time 4 Writing Services

As we previously mentioned, Time 4 writing services are oriented toward looking into the work of students and evaluating it. Their services comprise of different courses that students can enroll into at any time. There are basic, intermediate and advanced courses for different grades and purposes.

The company teaches students to write a limited number of papers. More specifically, there are courses for writing essays, research papers, narrative writing, as well as courses for polishing grammar skills and mastering paragraph writing.

Let’s move on further in our time4writing review to next one criteria – Quality level.

Quality level, Plagiarism

There’s nothing to say about plagiarism in this case because it isn’t the company who provides the content – you are. What we can tell you is that the quality level of the courses is average and compared to other courses, not really a good fit for the pricing.

Time 4 Writing Delivery

The only thing you need to know about delivery is the speed of experts who check your writing. They do this in real time, though their suggestions and feedback aren’t always to the point.

Time4writing.com Pricing Policy

These courses might be helpful to you, but they come at too high a price for the provided service. To get a teacher-led 8 week course you need to pay $119 per course, which is not cheap at all. This might have been a fine pricing if the approach was individually set, but the company seems to be using the same techniques and materials on every customer.

Security, Trust and Reliability

The payment is safe at time4writing.com. There isn’t much to say about the trust because no one could blame you for getting enrolled in a course for improving your skills. The matter of privacy applies only to services who write your papers.

Time4writing Usability

We must say, we were most impressed with the website. It states what the company offers right away even though their name is rather misleading. You can find all the information right there.

Additional Features

There is a homeschool and afterschool writing program, as well as the courses we mentioned. We can’t really differentiate between different features and services because everything goes in a pack.

Time 4 Writing Discounts

We found literally no mention of a discount or any code you can use to get a price reduction on a course, not even if you have attended a course on this website previously.

Summary for Time4Writing Review


Time4writing.com Review

Samantha Barry‘s Conclusion


Our overall experience was not good and this doesn’t even relate to the fact that this isn’t really a writing service. This is a place where they teach you to write by letting you do the writing and they provide a feedback on it. However, this feedback is not as it sounds and it comes in the form of highly prices, average quality courses.

Time4writing Rated: 4.2

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