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A little bit of advice before we get started – if you are sure you want to order at, wait for the pop-up. This is the only way to get their 10% off the first order and is nowhere else to be found on the website. In fact, we aren’t sure that it is a long-term offer, either.


No list of services is available for you to look at, but we learned that there is much to choose from if you select this service. Their general service categories are listed in the pricing page and include creative writing, presentation, proofreading and editing. The papers that come under these categories aren’t at all limited and include what we believe is the large portion of assignments you get.

Quality level, Plagiarism

Unfortunately, long list of services doesn’t suffice and it most certainly isn’t a good enough reason to call a service good. In this case, the quality is really poor, making that big list a zero factor into the quality of the service. We were extremely angry at the company for charging too high of a price for a paper that wasn’t created by an expert, but a non-native amateur with no skills to write a Master’s level term paper.


We got it on time, but the quality was so bad, we asked for a revision. The delivery timeframe for a revision was longer than the time we spent waiting for the paper in the first place.

Pricing, Payments

More or less, we’d say that the rates are average. The cheapest you’ll pay is $15 without that discount we mentioned, and this price is for a page. They grow with the academic level and the smaller the deadline is; the steeper is the rate. All things considered, it would be a fine choice if we weren’t so disappointed by the writing.

Security, Trust and Reliability may not have pro writers, but the security level is high.


Their website lacks some key information about services and discounts, but otherwise, it is good.

Additional Features

One additional feature we should point out to is the free draft that applies for orders for dissertations and thesis. So, if you want to order one of these two paper types, make sure to ask for it. You might get an idea of what kind of writing to expect from them, but we wouldn’t fully rely on it because our paper was completely different from the fine samples on the website.


There’s just one discount that shows up when you try to open another page – 10%. As we said, we don’t know if it is a special offer or a fixed discount. All we know is that this is the only one on the website and only new customers can use it.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion


Without discounts for regulars and with writers who do poor job with the papers, isn’t the best place to get your papers from. We find their writing to be very bad, and the prices aren’t that low to begin with.


Rated: 2.2

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  1. I have used bad essay services before, but still, you own the icing on that cake! Your services are the absolute worst.

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