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For all those who do not know this – Papersowl is a bidding company. They work on the bidding principle giving their customers an opportunity to take the lead at choosing their writer. In fact, this is the only option you get here when it comes to the writer’s choice. Let’s start the Papersowl review from services overview

Papersowl Services Overview

This principle comes with many pros and cons. One of the pros is of course, the list of services. We say this because a bidding service cannot limit you in terms of what and when you can order. They can only limit you in getting a specific number of bids and do not guarantee you’ll get any. In this case, however, there are plenty of writers to bid, so you shouldn’t have such a problem.

Papers Owl Quality level, Plagiarism

Sadly, the unlimited choices for services, instructions and papers, as well as deadlines, does not suffice with a company where quality isn’t truly guaranteed so do poor plagiarism level. promises quality on several instances throughout their site, but their reputation does not have the same thing to show. Our experience was pretty much the same. After a long time spent on researching their writers and the profiles Papersowl gives the customers to look at, we learned that these profiles aren’t real. This is either one big scam or the company doesn’t check their hires’ background. Either way, it is bad news.


Delivery never turned out to be an issue, not even in feedback we read.

Pricing, Payments at Papersowl

Some believe that prices with bidding services are an advantage, while others consider it a con. You can get very low rates that will look extremely appealing here, but they can also lead you to make a rush decision about a writer with little or no experience on the topic or no qualifications to write it.

The only thing we can advise you about this matter is to check the profiles carefully and not only rely on cheap rates. In this case, of course, that’s not really applicable because the profiles are very misleading.

Papers Owl Security, Trust and Reliability is long time on the market, so it is a secure and trustworthy service that looks reliable but still not legit, in the way they work. Usability

The site might be lacking some key information, but that is only because the bidding system allows for no prices or full services list.

Additional Features

No additional features are allowed in this system, either. You will get what you agree on with the bidders, so check review carefully.

Papersowl Discounts

No discounts apply to papers for which you choose a writer and a price to pay.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion


Many of the things about were understandable and quite predictable based on the fact that they work on bidding principle. But, the quality level is unmistakably bad and you can never be sure of it because the writers’ profiles aren’t all that realistic or checked by the service.

Rated: 1.8

4 Replies to “Papersowl Review”

  1. Whoever termed this as an essay service had no idea what an actual essay service is meant to do. This site is a scam.

  2. You would think that for the amount of money demands for an essay you would get an amazing piece. Even my seven year old can write better than this!

  3. Where in earth does papersowl get off promising to do an essay only to not deliver at all?! It’s been weeks since I ordered my essay.

  4. I ordered a 500 word essay from this essay service. I got a 400 word piece that was so poorly written by absolutely non-native that I could not use it.

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