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PaperNow Site Overview

PaperNow is a writing services company, offering academic grade papers to high school, college and university students. The main website has a good layout, but they have very little valuable information. For example, they do not have a separate tab presenting the writers and their academic status. We do not know for sure if your paper in History will be written by someone with a relevant degree in that field.
Then, they do not have a free online calculator available. This calculator should allow students to quickly calculate the exact cost of their papers, before placing an order.

The Papernow website looks professional in general, but unfortunately we cannot give it a maximum rating. Let’s start our papernow review from services overview.

PaperNow Services Overview

For this Papernow review, we have thoroughly checked their services list. They offer papers in the following main categories: Academic writing, business essay writing, case studies, custom essays and Education papers. Each main category includes at least 20+ different types of papers. We liked the way they categorized their services, but they are not descriptive enough. For example, in the Essay section they do not mention offering Descriptive essays, Persuasive essays, Informational essay and so on. Also, in their Dissertations section they do not offer Dissertations on a chapter by chapter basis.
Not all students need help with the entire dissertation, so PaperNow should offer separate Introduction or Case study chapter writing. Students also need to pay separately for editing of their papers and we consider this fact quite outrageous. All respectable writing services will not charge extra for editing, but this is generally included in the main cost.

Paper Now Pricing

The Pricing section represents the first tab on their website. We did not like tis fact, because it shows how eager they are to make money. First they should include an About us section, a description of their services and only then include a Pricing section. As we checked their price list for this Paper now review, we couldn’t help but notice that the prices are very high. Their most expensive price is for a 10hour urgency level at PhD quality, and the cost is $48.51 per page.

Most reliable writing companies do not even have a 1 hour urgency, because let’s be honest what type of paper can be written within such a short time. Most companies have a maximum urgency level of 3 hours.

Some other prizes include: 42.96/page for 7 days deadline, $23.11 for 5 days, or $35.89 for 12 hours deadline. Their cheapest price is for College level writing with a deadline of 14 days and the cost is $8.07 per page.

PaperNow Discount Policy overview

The company has a very weak discounts policy. We were prompted when we entered the site that they have a special discount of 10% of only today. Other than that, we could not find any special discounts or regular deals such as 15% off for first time orders, scale based discounts for loyal customers or discounts based on the length of your order. We also could not see anywhere free features included with each order, as is usual with most top reputable companies. is not a great choice when it comes to discounts, bonuses and special deals.

Quality overview

In order to present you with an honest and unbiased review, we have placed an order to check on the quality provided. We asked them to write an essay in Literature. We received the paper on time and editing was done quite well, even though we had to pay for it separately. However, the content of the essay was quite poor. We could find a few good ideas and nicely written paragraphs, but we also found plenty of plagiarism and many general mistakes. We consider the quality is low, so we did not even place another order to double check the quality of their papers.


Before writing our review, we have considered plenty of genuine Paper Now reviews. Most of them do not recommend this service, and sadly we do not recommend it either. We consider that the quality of their papers is low, and the prices are expensive. They do not have any samples that you can check, so in order to see the quality you need to buy a paper. Customer service is almost inexistent, and you cannot rely on any discounts or free features that would save you some money.

Whenever you need help with your papers, thoroughly check reviews online before placing an order. Such reviews will help you make a well informed decision. This way, you will not waste your precious time and money on a disappointing service. Think twice before placing an order, and check many samples if they are available.


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