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Ginger Software Review: How it Can Help You in English Writing

Ginger Software is an award-winning company that was founded in 2007. Recent updates have made it a real player in the proofreading software space. Ginger helps to improve the writing skills with its advanced software designed with smart algorithms.

Ginger Software is TOP3

in our rating of grammar checker services

What is Ginger software?

Ginger software is a writing tool that helps to communicate more efficiently on the desktop computer or mobile device. It features a sophisticated proofreader that makes suggestions and corrections as we type.

The advanced text analysis engine allows it to contextually understand the text and intention. A powerful, lightweight, easy-to-use app is available for Windows, major browsers and mobile (Android and iOS). I tried it on an Android phone, and found it to be very user-friendly.

How do you use it?

The Ginger Software is easy to install and run. On installing it, I found that it can enhance the writing skills, particularly the spelling and grammar. It makes suggestions as we type, so you can immediately rectify the errors.

It spots erroneous use of commonly confused words such as loose/lose and their/their/they’re. The smart algorithms are developed by coders and linguists, so corrections are more accurate because they take context into account instead of just relying on single words.

One of the best features of this tool- it is a handy tool for rephrasing a sentence. It helps to use English idioms correctly and complete sentence fragments.

The premium program links to videos discussing common grammar errors so you can teach yourself how to avoid them. The software also keeps a record of the sentences containing errors so one can review them and get a better sense of common errors.

Tracking the progress helps to keep one motivated – we receive an overall score for the writing based on the spelling and grammar errors been made.

I found that the use of a translator helps to express one’s thoughts into many other languages. This helps you enjoy communicating with others who speak a different language. This feature can also be used by fiction writers whose characters speak in other languages.

One of the new features is a text reader that reads text aloud from MS Word documents, websites opened with browsers, etc. It helps you to hear what your writing sounds like and to spot ways in which you could strengthen your word choice and syntax. You can also use it while you’re completing chores to listen to articles.

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Overview of features

  • Check grammar
  • Check spelling
  • Rephrase sentences
  • Check for synonyms
  • Use dictionary
  • Analyze errors
  • Translate into other languages
  • Use a text reader
  • Practice mistakes

How does it compare with Microsoft Word?

If you plan to use Ginger software, the premium version does a better job of finding errors than the free version. If you’re using the premium version, it offers some advantages over Microsoft word which is the industry standard and the word processing software used most in the world.

Microsoft Word is less expensive and is equipped with proofing tools that can fix grammar errors and misspellings. It will also indicate whether you have used improper sentence structure and also helps in calculating the readability score in some simple steps. Ginger can pick up grammatical errors and suggest how to re-phrase your sentence.

Microsoft Word offers a drop-down list of possible corrections. Users who have no idea of the right spelling for the word, don’t know which version to accept. Ginger doesn’t give you a list of possible words but looks at the context of your sentence and gives you one word in a bubble to replace your mistake. Ginger also helps to teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

What is the price?

Ginger has a free version and offers a free trial for its premium version. For the premium version Ginger offers three pricing plans: It will cost you $29.96 monthly, $41.97 a quarter or $89.88 annually.

The premium version offers an array of benefits and Ginger often offers sales that can save you up to 60%. It’s worth keeping an eye open for their special deals. Discounts are also available for enrolled students.

Help and support

Again, a remarkable feature to mention here that Ginger provides tutorial videos to help you understand how the program works. The support page provides download help for several different browsers, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact email customer support

To sum up

Ginger Software Reviews

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

Ginger can help you to avoid grammatical embarrassment, and it goes far beyond basic spell-checking. It is optimized to work with the different applications and programs you are already used to. The software is available for Windows and all the major browsers, but it can also be used on Android and iOS devices, so people with tablets and smartphones can use it on the go.

Its free version can help you pick up common grammar mistakes and spelling errors. The premium version offers many benefits besides simple proofreading. It helps to choose the correct word to use based on its context and even helps to rephrase a sentence. It has the added benefit of a translator and a text reader. It also has a translator and a text reader. Based on my overall review, the software gets an overall score of 9/10 for all the benefits it offers users.

Rated: 4.8

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