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Fresh Essays Company Overview

Stress – a common feeling that is to stay with you during your college days. What kind of stresses are we talking about? Well, you must be familiar with the pressure of completing essays or research papers on a weird topic that you haven’t heard ever before – yeah, the teachers in the colleges could really stress out the students!

The whole point of using an online academic writing service is to lessen one’s stress. But such a company provide a half-cooked, poorly executed essay, then you might be in even greater stress. Such a company is FreshEssays! You might ask – why are we accusing a company so seriously?

Well, stick with us read out the complete review as we share our experience of the website’s services. We are pretty sure you will think twice about them too.

FreshEssays Services

If you check out the reviews available online, you will notice that the reviews are totally mixed. Some of them had a great experience with their service, while others had a terrible one. You don’t want to be in the second group that we have mentioned.

FreshEssays claim that they have an arsenal of writers to serve you. Sadly, we think most of their writers are outsourced. That could an explanation behind some of the users getting great service while others suffered. The bottom line is – they don’t have dedicated writers working for them. Once you place an order, they just hand it to freelance writers from somewhere in the world.

They have almost every kind of academic writing service a student might seek online. This could be another reason for them to hire the writers from outside. So is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it completely depends on your luck!

If you are lucky enough, you might get a great writer who can let get an A., On the other hand, you might get stuck with a writer who struggles with basic English!

Fresh Essays Quality level, Plagiarism

As we have mentioned earlier, the kind of quality you would get from FreshEssays, is completely a matter of luck. When we checked the forums and review websites, we saw that all the reviews were mixed. Some of the users called that it was the best academic writing service available, while some said that FreshEssays is a complete scam!

So, to be actually sure, we had to test their writing service first hand. So, we ordered an essay on “Impact of pop music in teenagers.” We noticed that they have different rates and quality for different levels of academic stages like – High School, College, University, and Ph.D. So, we selected the University level and selected the deadline to be 3 days.

When we placed the ordered we provide some critical instructions that the writer should follow. After filling out the order form, they demanded payment. We think it is a bad strategy. It makes them a little less trustworthy. Moreover, a lot of students would feel more comfortable after receiving the essay.

When we received the essay, we were simply shocked! It seemed like the paper was written by a kindergarten student! The writer didn’t even know basic English. Some of the sentences didn’t even have verbs in them!

There was no proper formatting. It seemed that the writer doesn’t know how to write a simple essay. Delivery

It was the only good experience we had taking their writing service. We chose the “3 days” delivery and we got the essay on the third day of order. You can choose any deadline from three hours to twenty days. But keep in mind that papers or essays having longer length cannot be delivered within three hours.

We couldn’t find anything to complain about the delivery system. They passed this test. But that cannot undo the damage caused by the poor quality paper.

Pricing, Payments

We have already said that they have four tiers of pricing packages for the students. They are –

  • High School – $10 – $33 for a single page essay
  • College – $12 – $35 for a single page essay
  • University – $17 – $40 for a single page essay
  • PhD – $19 – $48 for a single page essay

Fresh Essays Security, Trust, and Reliability

When a company provides outsourced writers rather than providing dedicated writers, it is quite natural to question their reliability. Yes, they do have SSL certification and protection seal from DMCA but we are not sure if you should take their help.

We have noticed that FreshEssays are quite proud of their money back guarantee. So, we decided to ask for a refund for the poor quality paper that has received. When we contacted the customer support personnel, they kind tried to sell us that essay was up to the mark and our acquisition is false. We tried to convince that the essay writer did not follow the instructions that we provided. But he was really stubborn and eventually we failed to collect the refund.

FreshEssays Discounts

FreshEssays have two packages of discounts. The discount rate is depended upon the value of the order. Here are the details –

  • 5% discount for orders above $500 mark and
  • 10% discount for orders above $1,000 mark.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

So, considering the experience we had with FreshEssays, we have to warn you about their services. The services are not reliable as they use outsourced and untested writers. Our rating would be 5 out of 10 for them.


Rated: 2.9

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