Fraud Essay Services

Beware! Fraudulent Custom Essay Services Are Out There!

So you can’t handle a paper and you decided to order it online. That’s a great decision to make! Let’s be honest here: it’s impossible for a student to complete all assignments, do all the studying, take all exams with success, and attend all classes.

Sure; some rare specimens are capable of doing so. But they usually sacrifice their social life in the quest for better grades, and we can’t say that’s a good use of their time at college. It’s just a personal opinion, which you’re welcome to discuss in the comments.

So we come to the conclusion that most students need to buy essays online. It’s just a fact, so we need to be happy that such services exist.

The only problem is: it’s difficult to identify the good websites among all those scamming custom-writing services. The writing industry is a good place for scammers to thrive. Are you wondering why that’s the case?

  • No one controls the industry. It’s free for everyone to enter, so we keep seeing new websites popping up in a matter of days.

  • It’s easy for someone to design a website, repeat the same claims that other services provide, charge you money for a paper, and simply not deliver it. Such scams do exist and you need to be aware of them.

  • Sometimes the scam is not so obvious. The writing service might even have some good testimonials. But they will deliver a paraphrased paper. It will pass through plagiarism detection engines, so you’ll think it’s just fine. But it won’t pass through your professor’s radar. Your teachers are aware of the research and ideas in their area of study. If they notice you copied someone else’s ideas, you’ll be guilty of plagiarism.

So the last thing you need is to order a paper from a scamming website. You want a reliable, trustworthy, and accountable writing service that delivers unique content on time and provides free revisions upon request.

Tested and Proven Steps: How to Recognize a Scam

Is there a warning sign you could recognize when encountering a scamming service? There are few of them. Here’s a list of what to pay attention to:

  1. Non-existent terms and conditions. If you can’t find the policies of the service, it means you’re not protected in any way when placing an order there. In most cases, this means you’ll be practically robbed.

  2. Too much text. You notice endless chunks of text on a particular website? You read through it and it doesn’t make any sense? You notice several pages with similar, but paraphrased content? It means this service went heavy on the SEO. Instead of focusing on delivering quality, they mostly focus on making Google happy. If there are grammar or style issues with the text at the website, run away!

  3. No security standard. Most writing services will protect your payment with or a similar solution that ensures safe payments. If you don’t see such a logo at a website, it’s not safe.

  4. Unspecified deadlines. If you see deadlines such as 10+ days, it means that you’ll never get your order as early as you expect it. The writer will be late and they won’t be held accountable.

  5. Limited revisions. If a service guarantees revisions but then you read the terms and conditions and you see that your revisions are limited, it’s no good. For example, some fraud custom essay services will say you have up to 10 days to request a revision, and you can’t require more than three revisions. But what if this is a serious project and you need more time to evaluate it? What if it’s a dissertation and you’re expecting comments from your mentor? In that case, you won’t be able to submit a request within the identified timeframe.

If you can’t require more than three revisions, it means the service can make minimal adjustments and return the paper to you. They won’t actually follow your requirements. After the third minimal revision, they will be done with your order.

What Makes Reviews So Important?

Keep in mind that even if the website seems perfect, it might not be what you expect. Some websites won’t contain any of the flaws listed above, but they will still disappoint you.

The only way to reveal scam writers is to read reviews. Someone who placed an order at a particular website can talk about the quality they received. The service may claim to assign MA and PhD experts, but the quality they deliver does not correspond to such promises. When you read honest and detailed reviews, you’ll have a better impression of a service’s reputability.

Don’t fall for the common tricks of frauds! Pay close attention to all features of the website and make sure to read reviews by real customers before ordering essays online!