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  • 100% Plagiarism free;
  • 15% discount on first order;

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  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed;
  • All papers double-checked;

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  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed;
  • All papers double-checked;

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Overview of EssaysOnTime.com.au

When an online service continues their work for more than 21 years, you cannot simply question their integrity and quality of the service. If it were a fraud company, the customers would have abandoned them long ago. Such a trusted name is EssaysOnTime.com.au.

As we are bound to give you the truth with our reviews, we will analyze the services, quality, and pricing policy of EssaysOnTime despite their long experience. So, are they actually worthy of taking responsibility for your paper or essay? Sit and read through the whole review as we dissect their services first hand.


The quality of an online service can be assessed by the checking out their range of services. Well, in most cases, the frauds fail to cover up all sorts of requirements of the mass customers. We must say, the wide variety of the offered services of EssaysOnTime made us quite intrigued. Here is the list of the academic writing services based on the categories –

  • Academic Writing – Students get all kinds academic writings in this package. From a simple essay to the reaction papers, you can get everything. Even annotated bibliographies and article critiques can be found too.
  • Assignments – It’s quite common for the teachers to hand you over some assignments every now and then. Here, at EssaysOnTime, you can get from case studies to the statistics projects by the some of the most experienced writers online.
  • Resume Service – Essaysontime.com.au can be your one stop solution for your resume and CV writing needs.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Services – Writing long dissertations are nightmares to some students who don’t have the skill of writing. They can take care of your dissertation and thesis needs like a pro.
  • Editing Service – Everybody hates to edit a long piece of writing after finishing it. Don’t worry, you can give it to them and they would take care of it.

EssaysOnTime offer a number of guarantees that they aim to fulfill at any cost. Such guarantees include –

  • Plagiarism check of each writer
  • True quality
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • On time delivery
  • No hidden charges
  • 24/7 live support

So, judging from the long list of services and the seven guarantees to the customers, we think EssaysOnTime are worthy of their reputation among the students.

Quality level, Plagiarism

No company can be said a good and reliable academic writing service if they provide below-standard writings. So, we ordered an essay ourselves and analyze the quality. So, we ordered a three-page essay on “Correlation between industrialization and climate change.” We were also given the privilege of chatting with the author.

While ordering, we provided the writer with a set of instructions and asked him to follow the APA formatting and add the references also. We chose the three day deadline period. The writer impressed us by submitting the essay on the second day of ordering.

We must say that the quality of the essay impressed us. Every single point was properly researched, the writer used the citations properly. Most importantly, the writer stuck to the core set of instructions that we provided. There were neither grammatical nor plagiarism related issues.

So, without a doubt, EssaysOnTime passed the quality test with flying colors. We haven’t seen such great quality from a lot of writing companies lately. The writer was professional and was aware of what he was doing the whole time.


As we have mentioned earlier, we got the essay on the second day but set the deadline to be three days. EssaysOnTime can help you with an essay just in three hours. So, if you are in a hurry, they could be a trusted brand to go to. The deadline time varies with the type of paper and the academic level as well. You can choose the deadline time that suits your need and pocket!

The time frame ranges from three hours to ten days for essays.

Pricing, Payments

EssaysOnTime has five different tiers to match the varying needs of all the academic levels. The details are shown below for a single page of essay –

  • High School – $17.99 – $49.99
  • College – $17.99 – $49.99
  • Undergraduate – $19.99 – $51.99
  • Master – $21.99 – $53.99
  • Ph.D. – $24.99 – $56.99

You could call the price lines to be a bit high for the students. But we think the quality and richness of the service demand such prices. Moreover, you will get $65 worth free features with every order. So, that’s a winning situation if you ask us.

You can pay them using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, AmEx, and Wire Transfer. So, you could say that they accept all the popular choices of verified payments available these days. Although, we were expecting PayPal to be on that list too.

Security, Trust, and Reliability

All of the payments on EssaysOnTime are secured by Security Metrics and Authorize.Net. So, let us assure you that they will not try to steal your money from your credit card or even try to hack the credit card.

We have already mentioned about the seven different guarantees that Essays On Time offers to the customers. As far as we know, they have earned quite the reputation over the years for abiding by these policies of guarantees.

As for, reliability and trust, you can put your faith in their hands.


Not only you get a first-time user discount of 20%, but also you can get a lifetime membership that can give you staggering discount rates. Here are the benefits of the membership plans –

  • Ruby members – 10% lifetime discount
  • Diamond members – 15% lifetime discount

Overall Experience


Overall, we had an excellent experience using the services offered by EssaysOnTime. They truly know how to handle the needs of a customer. We definitely recommend Essays on time to you and give it a rating of 9/10.

Rated Service Additional Features Details

Read review

  • 100% Plagiarism free;
  • 15% discount on first order;

Read review

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed;
  • All papers double-checked;

Read review

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed;
  • All papers double-checked;

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