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EssayShark Company Overview

Essays – this very word could make a lot of students lose their cool! Don’t worry we are well aware of the fact that you are scared of submitting a quality essay to your teacher, sometimes within an unimaginable deadline time. So, it seems like that you are getting interested in EssayShark as they promise you the best quality essay or a paper.

But are they actually good enough? Should it be a wise move to seek help from them? We are here to answer all your questions as we have tried out their services first hand. We will not misguide you saying vague information that might cost you money or your precious grades! So, let’s start our essayshark review from services overview.

Essayshark Services

The caliber of an academic writing online service depends on the range of services they provided in many senses. Judging from the information available on the website, it seems that they only lend their expert hand to provide “Essays” only. So, if you need coursework or a research paper or a dissertation, you should look for other service providers.

Even if you need an essay, their narrow range of option might disappoint you. They only provide essays on eight specific topics only. We think that they only have writers that can handle only these eight categories. That concludes that they have only a handful of writers to tackle down the workload.

So, you can get essays on these topics of subjects –

  • Literature
  • Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Nursing
  • Sociology
  • Business

If you are looking for essays other than these topics or subjects, you should look for other services.

Quality level, Plagiarism

Now, it’s time we took your attention to the most important criteria of our secret customer review – the quality. As the procedure suggests, you will be in touch with a writer after you have given order details at their website. Then some of the writers will bid for the project, and you will pick a writer that they have suggested. It seemed to us that these writers could be freelancers.

In that case, there is no guarantee that the writer will have educational qualification to write the essay. It could be anyone; you might even get a high-school student in such a process.

So, we were not so sure about the quality of the writer. It seems like our hunch was correct. After a few days after placing the order, we received the draft.

The essay was horrible. The writer didn’t have enough knowledge on the topic. Moreover, he didn’t even bother to research the topic before writing. We think the writer used various “article-spinning” tools to change the words of the essays we provided him as samples.

We couldn’t find traces of plagiarism as he changed the texts using the spinning tools. Such poor writing quality might hurt your grades badly. Delivery

We were also disappointed with the delayed delivery. We received the paper two days past the due date. If you are in a hurry and need to submit within a strict deadline, EssayShark might cause you trouble big time.

We are not sure if every writer on the website has such poor writing quality of lacked sense of responsibility. Actually, the website works as a platform where writers and students can meet. We think they should be careful while choosing the writers. The essays or papers are very delicate as students’ grade, and future depends on these essays.

Essay Shark Pricing, Payments

There is no fixed rate for the essays. After you fill up the order form, the website will suggest you some writers, and you will have to chat with them decide the price. While doing so, you should inquire about their educational background and professional experience too.

So, we cannot provide any information about the pricing policy. It completely depends on your skills of negotiation.

As for the payment method, they have PayPal and G2A Pay. We were a bit disappointed not seeing any credit card payment option. We really think EssayShark should consider adding some of the popular credit or debit card options as payment methods.

Security, Trust, and Reliability

EssayShark has certifications from Norton and McAfee Secure. So, they will not try to steal your payment credentials. So, can you trust them completely? Well, they don’t offer guaranteed privacy. So, they could disclose the information that you have taken their services which in many cases could be a risky factor.

Moreover, they don’t offer any money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the essay, there is no way you could ask for a refund. So, you should think twice before you are willing to spend money on this writing service. In short, we wouldn’t call EssayShark a reliable name in the industry.

Essayshark Discounts

Sadly, you will not be offered any discount. Generally, we have seen companies offering a discount on the first order or promotional coupon codes. Apparently, EssayShark doesn’t believe in such good marketing policies. You will not get the discounts based on the length of the essay.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

Judging all the facts, we think EssayShark is a different kind of academic writing service that plans to work differently than the typical companies. But you could lose your money for a lousy quality paper if you have a chosen a poor quality writer. The sad thing is you cannot even ask for the refund too.

So, right now you should stay away from them, and we definitely don’t recommend them. Our rating will be 5 out of 10 for them.


Rated: 2.8

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