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4.4/10 takes bidding to a whole new level. Other companies let you choose from bidders, but here you actually have to pay extra to talk to the bidders before choosing one. It is exaggerated, that’s for sure, but that’s not all we found out and are ready to share with you. Let’s start our Studymoose review from services overview.

StudyMoose Services

All kinds of papers are sold here as long as there are bidders. They don’t, however, guarantee that there will be, so it’s a bit tricky – you can’t be sure that you’ll get an available writer. You can pay to get one of their best writers, but even these might not be available at that very moment. All in all, it’s a tricky system, but it seems to work for most who hire many writers, and Studymoose is one such company.

Study Moose Quality level, Plagiarism

So many writers and yet, we got only 10 bids in a whole hour. The funny thing was, we paid the extra $10 to get the chance to talk to writers and right under it, it said that we already have two bids (for an order we did not even submit and an instruction form that wasn’t even filled yet!) Of course, this was a lie because when we confirmed the order, we still had to wait for the first real bid.

After an hour of waiting for bids and another hour choosing the best one, we got one bidder that looked like the most amazing choice for our paper. This would be perfect if everything in his portfolio and application wasn’t a lie. The writer wasn’t native or an expert in the field and many of the things weren’t even related to the topic and he copy-pasted some parts so we saw some plagiarism issue.


Thankfully, he delivered the paper on time, despite the fact that the quality was horrible.

StudyMoose Pricing, Payments

We already mentioned the only thing you can know about the pricing – $10 extra if you want to talk with your writer. There is also a mentioned offer for a sample, but you even have to pay for that too. Apparently, getting a sample from a writer you want to actually hire for a paper costs money, and pretty much for that matter. This costs incredible $13.90 for a page and with a discount!

Security, Trust and Reliability

We can say that this company is secure, but we wouldn’t quite call study moose legit neither reliable. You can never know if you’ll get the paper, not to mention the scam profiles for their writers.

Studymoose Usability

We make quick Studymoose essay service review at this point. The site is very usable but also very misleading.

Additional Features

We found one additional feature only – the option to choose one of their preferred writers. This is very expensive, though, and if you get them when they are available, they give very high quotes.

Study Moose Discounts

There are no discounts for essays, of any kind.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion


Our overall experience was very low, much lower than what we’ve experienced with other bidding companies. This one seems to charge extra instead of offering cheap prices, which is the actual big pro of such companies. Moreover, their writers’ profiles seem to be completely incorrect.
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Rated: 2.2

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  1. When I think about this essay service, a number of words come to mind!
    Unfortunately, none of them can be stated without needing to wash my mouth. Scammers!

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