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Essayhave Website Overview

The online writing industry is a burgeoning market with hundreds of companies clamoring for the students’ attention. Given the workload that students have to contend with, it is no surprise that many fall prey to fraudulent services. It becomes imperative for students then to do some research about the companies they choose to get their work done.

Today we take a look at Essayhave and see whether or not it is worth your money. Though it claims to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices, the truth is far from it. After scouring the internet for student testimonials and other essay have review comments, we have come to realize that this company is not worth the trouble. Everything from services to the quality of work and the pricing policy is flawed in the deepest sense of the word.

To know more we welcome you to read this review wherein we delve deep into the various aspects of the company and highlight where they go wrong. But let us warn you, this is a scam that students should steer clear of the reasons for which are given below.

Essayhave Services

Right off the bat students will realize that the company offers a deplorable list of services. These include the following:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations
  • Personal reflections
  • Critical Thinking
  • Business Plans
  • Blog posts
  • Poems
  • Journal articles

And that is it. In an industry where most companies are looking to increase their repertoire, essayhave lags behind. Of course, you can avail these services if these are what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a single company that you can go back to repeatedly, you may have to look elsewhere.

Additionally, though the option of ‘Poems’ seems like a unique addition, how many times do professors actually ask students to write poetry is contentious. It would have been better if instead of ‘poems’ they added a service that was more popular such as Book/Movies reviews, Theses, or editing/proofreading.

The dearth of services would have been excused if it weren’t for their below-average quality of work. The fact that they can’t provide quality content even for the services that they do offer raises alarm and suspicion regarding the company’s work ethics.

Essay Have Prices Overview

The pricing page is well organized and categorized according to the different academic levels and deadlines for easy access. The price of a single page ranges from $15 to $63. This isn’t terribly expensive nor is it enticingly cheap. At the lower end of the spectrum, they have high school papers with a 15-day deadline and at the higher end graduate-level services with a 4-hour deadline. But how they can deliver such services as a research paper in 4 hours is beyond us.

According to their website, their high price is a guarantee of high-quality write-ups. Such an argument would be valid if it weren’t so misleading. As per multiple student testimonials and essayhave reviews, the service quality does not in the least reflect the amount students pay to attain them which are of little use if they don’t get students high grades. Discounts Overview

Those who are looking for first-time discounts will be sorely disappointed with essayhave. As of yet, there are no discounts that students can avail for their first order. The only thing that students get for free is one page on the first order which doesn’t even come close to the industry standards of 15% off on the whole first order, irrespective of the number of pages. Such a policy deters students from ordering from them which is not a viable marketing policy.

Though their website doesn’t mention it, there are discounts available for returning customers who order frequently. However, students will have to contact the customer service to avail the discounts and even then there is no telling whether or not one is guaranteed to receive them.

Other Features of Essay Have

One domain that every company should look to succeed in is customer service. It ought to be the backbone of any company that has to deal with customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, essayhave fails miserably in this aspect as well.

The customer service agents are helpful and responsive before you order, but are impossible to get hold of when you need to raise a concern. The live chat and call feature only works for a limited number of hours in a week. The average email response time is quite slow and can take weeks sometimes to come through.

There isn’t a money-back guarantee that you would expect from other high-quality writing companies, and the revision policy doesn’t always deliver what it purports. The company does guarantee plagiarism-free content that is designed as per the student requirements though how well they deliver on such promises is questionable.


Ultimately, we would never recommend this company even to our worst enemies. Everything from their services, to pricing, to discount policies, and even customer service seems highly flawed. We understand that no company is perfect and there is always room for growth. However, with essayhave the problems seem far more pronounced and every essayhave review that we have come across says the same thing. This leads us to believe that it is not a matter of getting things wrong a few times, but time and time again. Not only does it mar their reputation but also discourage people from using their services in the future.

It would appear that in order to better themselves, the company needs a complete overhaul in their work ethics and requires a proper mode of conduct to assist students with their workload. Until that happens, we would advise anyone to think twice before ordering from this company.

Through this review, we hope that you now have sufficient reason to avoid this fraudulent company and to take your money elsewhere. You will not only be saving your money from going down the drain but also save yourself from disappointments and loss of precious time.

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