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Overview of

We have seen a lot of websites these days that try lure in the customers with sugar-coated marketing lines and modern high-end websites. So, when we got to see the fine quality website we didn’t jump onto the conclusion. Actually, their big header seemed like an odd sentence – “The professional essay writing service for students who can’t even.”

Do you feel there is something missing in that sentence? The first impression of EduBirdie’s website was quite pleasing. They have put quite some effort to make the website look impelling. The cute little birdie seemed friendly but are they efficient and professional enough? Our review tries to find exactly the answer to that question.

EduBirdie Services

If you move to the “Writing Services” tab you will see a big list where they have tried to include every kind of service that they offer. Though the list seems rich enough, they didn’t include some of the services that student need help with. For example, they didn’t include services like thesis writing and report writing.

Apart from that the wide list of services looks quite good. We were getting hyped and was planning to order and checking their writing quality first-hand. Well, that’s the point when things got bad! Read along!

Quality level, Plagiarism

When we searched for people’s experience with EduBirdie, we got some missed reaction. Some said this was one of the best websites for academic writing. On the other hand, some said that EduBirdie was a pure scam. For example, a customer said that EduBirdie copies from other sources rather than giving original essays. Moreover, none of the customers ever got their money back!

Some said that the writers didn’t have the proper qualification to write the papers. They don’t know various formatting styles either. Another user took their service multiple times but none of the times he got more than a B-.

Our plan was to order and check the quality for ourselves. We ordered a simple three-page essay on “Global warming and the impact of it on the third world countries.” We also included a set of instructions along with the topic. After that, EduBirdie said that now we had to check the bids from the writers and choose a writer.

They also offered a service where they would choose the writer for us but that would cost an additional $9.99.

After ten days, which was our preferred deadline, we got the essay. Sadly, we realized that all the claims made by the customers were correct. First of all, there is no chance that the writer was a native English speaker. It essay was full of grammatical mistakes and sentence structures were very poor. Moreover, the writer didn’t have a clear idea about a topic or maybe he was too lazy to do some research.

Edu Birdie Delivery

We had a good experience in this case as EduBirdie sent us the essay within 10 days which was the deadline. You can choose the deadline using the integrated calendar tool on the ordering page. So, you have the complete control over the deadlines. But we cannot guarantee that you would be as lucky ourselves. Maybe, you will receive the paper past your deadline.

Pricing, Payments

EduBirdie doesn’t have any information about the prices and or a fixed policy regarding it. We talked to the customer support and they told us that their pricing varies with time. This is not a good policy if they want to be called “trusted” by the customers.

Although, the website says that they can give quality papers only at $16 per page. We think the quote stands for the minimum price tag. If so, then we cannot call it a cheap one or easily affordable by the students of all classes.

Nevertheless, the prices are not preset as the writers can charge differently and you get to choose the writer having unique bids. We encountered an odd comment from a former writer of EduBirdie. He said that he used to work for them and got $4 per page. It didn’t matter how much money the customers paid to the website, his pay was fixed at $4. So, we are not entirely sure the company pays the writers or set the price point for the customers.

In any way, their procedures seem shady and confusing. Maybe that is the main reason behind most the reviews or user experience have said the service to be a “scam!”

You can send payments to them using MasterCard, PayPal, AmEx, Discover, and Visa.

Edu Birdie Security, Trust, and Reliability

As for guarantees and quality certification, they only have a certification from DMCA. We really hoped for an SSL certification but sadly they don’t have any. Moreover, they don’t offer any privacy guarantee or money-back guarantee. So, even if you feel that the quality of the paper or the essay is not up to the mark, you cannot ask for a refund.

Overall, you cannot call EduBirdie a reliable and trustworthy web service in any way.

Discounts at EduBirdie

We were very sad when we noticed that this website doesn’t offer any kind of discount. We have seen trustworthy and business-oriented websites offering “first-time user” discounts, page length based discounts, or order price based discounts.

Looks like they don’t want to show a little bit of care for their customers and want their money only!

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

Overall, we had a terrible experience taking their services. They are not clear about their policies, they have unqualified writers, and not fixed pricing policy. Considering these issues, we would give EduBirdie a rating of 5.3 out of 10.

Rated: 5.3

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