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CustomWritings Overview

For those of who don’t excel in writing, finds it quite difficult to write up papers and essays now and then. But unfortunately, our education system demands the students to write up different kinds of academic paper almost every semester.

To help out those who find it too pressurizing, CustomWritings offers helping hand to write the papers and essays on behalf of the students. The only question remains – are they capable of proving the quality of the service that the students would pay for?

We will try to inspect their services, quality, pricing policy, and reliability in our detailed review. So, sit back and go through this review before you decide to spend your money on this service.

CustomWritings Services

So, let’s start with the range of legit writing solutions such as asacademic writing services that they offer to the students. Unlike other scammy websites or writing services, they have quite some variety of writing services. They have categorized their services in two sections – academic writing and admission writing.

The academic writing section offers the kind of writings a college or a university student would frequently need by their teachers — for example, the essays, term papers, theses, dissertations, reports, case studies, etc.

On the other hand, the admission writings have scholarship essays, admission essay, application essays, etc. Such kind of writing is required to get into the colleges or universities.

So, looks like Custom Writings pass the test for having a good variety of services. They have passed this test successfully.

Quality level, Plagiarism

We have said it multiple times in our other reviews – quality is the most important parameter to us when we are judging an online-based academic writing service. To give you guys a true and honest report of their service, we decided to place an order of a simple essay on “The Importance of Urban Planning in Modern Day.” We ordered the essay to be written for an undergraduate student (3rd and 4th year) and have a deadline of 3 days.

We were very specific about the things we wanted the writer to cover in the essay. We know that the students should have some preferences about how they want their essay or paper to be.

Sadly, when we received the essay, we noticed that the writer didn’t pay heed to any of the instructions we told him to follow. Moreover, the writer didn’t have a good sense of punctuation and capitalization. The format was a complete mess as we noticed that the essay had different formatting style in a different section.

When tested the essay for plagiarism check, the essay turned out to be a completely plagiarized one. That means the writer copied the texts from various sources. That could be the reason behind the essay having multiple formatting styles. It seems like the writer didn’t even bother to change the formatting after simply copying it from various sources.

We were very disappointed with such lousy behavior from the writer.


You can get the essay just within 4 hours. But you will have to pay a lot more for such urgent delivery. Their deadline time frame has a range from four hours to 1 month. We were not so much bothered about the delivery as the poor quality created a very bad impression.

Yes, we received the paper within the promised deadline. Well, it shouldn’t take that long to complete an essay if someone just copied and pasted some texts from multiple sources.

CustomWritings Pricing, Payments

We could say that the pricing policy is okay for most of the students. But then again, should you spend about $25 on a page that has been copied and pasted? Well, we think you should consider twice before you are ready to place an order on

They have different pricing policy depending on the academic level of the customer. Here is the detailed list below –

  • High School – $10 – $31 for a single page
  • Undergraduate (1st and 2nd year) – $13 – $39 for a single page
  • Undergraduate (3rd and 4th year) – $14 – $46 for a single page
  • Master’s – $20 – $45 for a single page
  • Doctoral – $25 – $48 for a single page

Security, Trust, and Reliability

CustomWritings have security certification from McAfee Secure like many any other reliable services. So, that’s a relief as it will not try to steal your credit card information or hack into your system. They even respect your privacy and guarantees confidentiality.

But can you truly rely on them? After getting the half cooked essay, we decided to communicate with the customer support and discuss how we could receive a refund for the essay. The customer support stopped chatting after a few times we asked him politely. You could call it a virtual hang up!

It’s shameful for a company to cheat their customers and then not to repay the money. We hope the company starts serving their customers in a true sense.


CustomWritings have three different discount packages if your order surpasses a certain price point. Here are the details –

  • 5% discount on order worth $500 or more
  • 10% discount on order worth $1,000 or more
  • 15% discount on order worth $2,000 or more

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

We don’t want people to suffer as we did by taking the services from We don’t recommend their poor service and would give them a rating of 5 out 10 for the low quality and unsupportive customer support.

Rated: 1.9

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