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One word can perfectly describe the website of Customessaymeister – overwhelming! This site is filled with so much, poorly organized content that will literally make you spend hours if you want to read it. Lucky for you, we did all this in your place. Let’s start our Custom Essay Meister review

Customessaymeister Services

The homepage of is overwhelming with content, but that’s the only page there is! When we noticed this, we were in awe. This meant no more information and seeing that the content there said almost nothing at all, we had no access to a list of services, any prices or even information about their guarantees.

You don’t get to see a full list of services – there isn’t any. There’s only a chance to request a paper, i.e. make an order where you tell them what you need specifically, and they can get back to you. They can either accept or reject the order and give you the price as they see fitting.

Quality level, Plagiarism

The paper cost us a lot which gave us the impression that this is a quality service with great writers. After all, that’s what they say on the only page they’ve created, over and over again. But, for that high price, all we got was a paper a day before the deadline. This was fine, but not at the cost of paper’s quality, which is exactly what we received.

We got an essay that was partly plagiarized, partly out of topic. It wasn’t worth a C, not to mention the As they promise.

Customessaymeister Delivery

This is the part that the company did very well, but unfortunately, it only gave us time to order from other provider. Our essay arrived not later, but a day before which almost never happens with such companies.

Custom Essay Meister Pricing, Payments

We mentioned this previously – there aren’t prices at! You get the price they find suitable after looking at your requirements and to our disappointment, it was higher than the expected. It also took them over five hours to get back to us with the quote, even though they have what they call a non-stop service.

Security, Trust and Reliability

Based on all we’ve discovered by this point, we can’t call them reliable or trustworthy, but they are sure secure. The payment was safe and they don’t seem to share confidential personal information with others.


The website was not very usable because there really wasn’t anything to see. Even the only page they have was too crowded, it was very frustrating to look into everything.

Additional Features

On that one page, no features at all were mentioned so nothing special for custom essay meister to review here. We weren’t even sure if the quote they gave us included those basic features like title page, so we had to ask them. Luckily, they did.

Customessaymeister Discounts

The existence and mention of a 10% discounts for new customers is funny because you can’t see the rates or know that you get a discount.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

Overall, our experience was worse than what we imagined when we learned that they hide their real pricing. The paper was badly crafted and everything on the website was vague and misleading.


Rated: 2.0

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  1. I will try to be nice with this: tear down your sight and simply stop selling the lie that you offer essay services. The content is s*#%!

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