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Checking the guarantees right away was a smart thing to do because, from the looks of it, getting a refund of any kind is very tricky at This is extremely important considering that their reputation is not all that great. Let’s start our Cheapestessay review from services overview.

Cheapestessay Services

Getting a paper written at cheapestessay should not be an issue because their list is very, very big. You can get anything you want starting with an essay and finishing with a presentation.

Quality level, Plagiarism

If the quality were good, the list of services would have been great news. But, the quality is really poor. We actually got a paper that was 30% plagiarized and yet, they did not give us the refund. This was very frustrating because the guarantee information says that they are allowed to provide only 10% plagiarized papers. Surely, this was a bit strange on its own, too.

Cheapest Essay Delivery

The paper came an hour later, which was also supposed to be covered with the guarantee. Basically, we had two reasons to demand a guarantee and yet, they didn’t consider any of them. The delivery issue wasn’t all that grave in this case, but it would still pose an issue for students who need to deliver their papers urgently.

Pricing, Payments

Prices are very cheap here, which is also a sign of poor quality. We were afraid that would happen because for a rate of $9, you can’t expect much. What we did not expect was the plagiarism and the customer service who completely ignored our refund requests. Basically, it is as if they don’t have a money back guarantee.

All the prices seem to be cheap, even those that apply to high academic levels and complex papers like theses or dissertations. Compared to others, this pricing is extremely cheap, which would make many students enticed to buy.

Security, Trust and Reliability

Based on this experience, we cannot say that is very trustworthy. Their guarantees are vague and they don’t stay by them. In fact, we also found a guarantee that says you will be refunded 50% if they cannot find writers to revise your paper! Is this something that happens often? Usability

The website is usable and easy to navigate. We had no troubles finding anything on it.

Additional Features

The common features like title page and bibliography are included but other than that, we encountered no other feature offer.

CheapestEssay Discounts

Finding out that there are no discounts isn’t so frustrating because of the very cheap prices, but it still is somewhat of a problem to those who order regularly. That is, if they like the quality delivered by this company.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion


The quality of content was really bad and on top of it, the guarantees don’t stick at СheapestУ Our overall experience is leaning toward bad and because of it, we cannot say that this is a service you can use safely and without concerns.

Rated: 1.9

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  1. It appears that you do not have writers on this essay service. How then do you intend to sell essays? Cheapestessay but with no guarantee for liability for writing

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