A monthly percentage of work success is a great way to see how a company is doing, but that percentage on doesn’t really fit the reputation they’ve had online, outside the website. Naturally, this was a grand push for us to dig deeper, which is exactly what we did before we started this review.


Mentioning the fields in which their writers specialize is great, but not enough. Regardless, this is all you will get from the website of If you want to know whether or not they are available, willing and specialized to write the paper you need, you need to ask them and wait for their response.

Quality level, Plagiarism has almost no reputation because of the very small number of comments they have compared to other companies who’ve been selling papers for as long as they have. We learned this after we requested a paper because you can’t get half of the information unless you do this.

When we finally got a positive response about their availability and a quote for the paper, we ordered a research paper within the longest deadline (prices are very high here). This paper came in solid shape, but far from the expected quality that resulted from the rate we paid.


The research paper was of considerably good quality and the delivery was not a problem.

Pricing, Payments

The reason why we believed that the given quality does not fit the price is not just because they hide these prices and wait for your request to tell you what it’ll cost you. It is because the prices are so high, there’s hardly anyone in the student world who can afford them. You also have to wait for hours, sometimes even days to get your order accepted because they are literally looking for writers when you send them your instructions.

Security, Trust and Reliability

It is a secure site, but not very reliable. There are many cases where students say the company took too much time to find a writer and reply to their order request.


All that’s mentioned on the website is very vague and, despite their good website design, it is very frustrating when you can’t find any of the key information about a company.

Additional Features

As if it weren’t enough that there aren’t services listed or prices given, there are also no features or anything else mentioned on this website.


No discounts, either. They can’t really provide such information after not providing the rates for content. You get the price they see fitting when they get your order requirements.

Overall Experience Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

Our overall experience is not good at all. Yes, the paper quality was solid, but the price we were asked to pay for it is far above the threshold of a normal rate for a student.

Spending a fortune on a company who takes a lot of time to respond with a quote, not to mention answer your questions, is not a very good idea.

Rated: 2.1

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  1. It is virtually impossible to say anything positive about the experience I had with your It was just bad: start to finish. Score 3.7 – is too high for such a service!

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