About my mission


Samantha Barry

I’m Samantha Barry, and I’m humbled and honored you want to know something more about me. I’m a Colorado-based author and journalist. I started exploring essay writing services three years ago from a journalist’s point of view, and the industry kept my interest.

I have to say that I approached these websites with skepticism at first. I thought they were only after the money of students and they didn’t deliver anything valuable. But after several interviews and conversations with students, I realized that these services practically saved them from misery.

However, I also realized that not all services were good enough for a student’s money. Some of them are straightforward scams. Without proper investigation, a student may easily fall for a scam.

That’s why I came up with this reviewing project. My mission is to help students find suitable and reliable essay writing services. Keep in mind that the good ones are out there; you just need to find them.

How I Rank Writing Services

I like numbers. I developed a specific ranking methodology that enables me to score each service I try. The score is based on several factors:

  • Website usability

  • Customer support

  • Prices

  • Discounts

  • List of services

  • Guarantees, and more

But most of all, I’m interested about the quality.

That’s why I order some content from time to time, in order to try as many services as I can. The students I know contribute towards this mission with their own reviews and evaluations. We’ve created a team that works!

We managed to make a good collection of essay writing services reviews, which can guide a student to the right destination when they want to buy papers online.

We’ve come across several awesome services, but the scams were not excluded. So we want to teach students how to order essays online and warn them about the websites that mess with their time and money.

Keep in mind that no one is paying me to write these reviews. I’ve received such offers and immediately turned them down. This is an entirely independent project with a sole purpose to help students choose a paper writing service.