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Are you looking for a trustworthy academic writing company? Wondering if 7DollarEssay can help you? Check our review and find out if this company can solve all your academic needs.

7DollarEssay Services

From the name of the company we thought it delivers essays only, but it is not true. The team provides a wide range of academic writing services, and you can order essays, admission help, dissertations, thesis papers, research papers reviews and many others. The vast list of services they provide can be found in the order form. Not all of them are described on the website pages, yet, according to them, the process is pretty simple.

You should expect the essay writing company you choose to put in writing EXACTLY what they promise on their website. They will value you as a customer and sending you a letter on the headed paper detailing what you will receive in exchange for your hard earned cash. Otherwise, such a company may be a scam.

Quality level and plagiarism

Not everyone will be able to write to this level so you need someone who knows what it takes. Your chosen company being in the UK has two main benefits. You can be confident the company is in touch with UK academic standards.  You will be protected by UK law for the transaction

We need an essay in English for our English qualification so it should be written by someone that has English (UK, not US or any other specific) as their primary language. Other versions of English might not stand up to some university or professors standards.

The team has zero-tolerance to plagiarism and guarantees that the quality paper will be delivered on time. We decided to check if their quality is good, so placed an order on the website. We had easy-to-follow requirements and expected stunning custom paper in three days. When the paper was delivered, it was standard. The writer had not done any creative work. Also, we found several stylistic errors as well as grammar mistakes. The overall quality was not impressive.

7 Dollar Essay Delivery

The delivery process consists of the following steps:

  • You are placing an order on the website
  • Then you must make a payment
  • After that, they assign a writer to your order
  • You receive your paper
  • You are leaving feedback about the service.

Pricing and payments

When we saw the company 7DollarEssay first, we thought that the essay paper would cost us seven dollars only, but when we checked their prices, we found out that it is not the complete truth. The price here depends on your academic level, the deadline, number of pages you would like to get and the quality level. So, seven dollars price applies to the high-school student’s order. Others need to pay more than that, and prices are a little bit high compared with the other companies.

A lot of people have said “I can get an essay cheaper elsewhere”. Essay writing services as any other company also have business expenses. Advertising, premises, utilities, business rates, tax, VAT and much more. Add to that the cost of the writer and other staff and does the total price seem reasonable? Allways make sure the prices are realistic.

The company accepts Visa, Master Card, and Pay Pal, no options for the Discover and AmEx users.

A 1000 word essay is just £40.00! Bargain. So after paying such expenses as Staff, Advertising, Premises, Utilities, Business Rates, Tax, VAT and much more they need to have a profit. So taking all that out, how much is the writer getting? Would a professional HIGH-QUALITY writer do a 1000 word essay for around £15? No, but I would to make some money on the side! But I’m not a professional, a professional will get the big money as they have the expertise and knowledge.

Security, Trust, and Reliability

The website is secure, and the company guarantees your confidentiality. They are not registered in BBB or alike services, so we are not sure if they are legit.

7DollarEssay Usability

At first glance, the website looks modern and fresh. But when we tried to browse it, we found out that it is hard to find the details we need, and a lot of important things are hidden in second and third-level menus.

Additional Features

The company provides 24/7 support and states that a US or UK writer will write your paper.

7DollarEssay.com Discounts

Unfortunately, we have not found any discounts or loyalty program details. We tried to get an answer from the support several times but has no luck.

Overall Experience


7DollarEssay.com Review

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

If you are looking for qualified and affordable help, 7DollarEssay is not for you. They don’t value a returning customer and don’t provide discounts to them.

Not UK, no help and unrealistic real prices, I would stay away.

Rated: 1.4

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  1. Your services at 7dollaressay are purely pathetic! It is no wonder I could not find any feedback on your site or just get in touch with writer!!!

  2. It is virtually impossible to say anything positive about the experience I had with 7dollaressay essay service. It was just bad: start to finish.

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